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Micah Bennett – Live Your Dream

The care and dedication that are such key elements of Micah Bennett’s character are a tribute to his parents, Lamata and Henry Bennett. They were immigrants who came to this country in search of the “American Dream.” They understand the value of hard work, persistence, dedication, patience and passion in regard to your chosen career.

Micah has been the model student. He’s the one who is always smiling, always helpful. He’s the one with the creative ideas and solutions instead of problems. He’s the one who always finds a way to succeed.

A singular meaningful occasion for Micah came at his high school graduation. He was named the winner of the Michael Yurchuck Foundation Scholarship at Highland High School. The title of the scholarship was  “Live Your Dream.”

Now you know why Micah works so hard – that scholarship and those words “meant the world” to him. He carried that theme all through his collegiate years at Broome County Community College and Marist College and it has become the spirit of his life and business. “I have always dreamed big, but I took the scholarship and those words as a sign, a calling, to go after my dream and never let anything get in the way,” says Micah.

Micah is a keen listener, who is interested in building long-term relationships. He understands the value of referrals from satisfied customers. You will always have his full attention. He is sincere ands wants to know how he can help.

Micah knows that dreams don’t come easy. He knows that every customer and relationship are key steps on the way to achieving his dream. You can always expect a sincere smile, a caring approach and dedicated follow-up. The family values that have been instilled into Micah are also his keys to success in business.


Micah J Bennett
Micah J. Bennett, Ceo & Founder Of Hudson Valley Concierge