Are you looking for a new way to enhance your senior living experience?

Hudson Valley Concierge is the perfect solution for assisted living facilities that want to provide their residents with more than just housing. Our concierge service can help seniors live life to the fullest by providing them with services like medical transportation, package delivery, entertainment, and social activities. We’ll even take care of grocery shopping so they don’t have to worry about it! Rest easy knowing Hudson Valley Concierge Service will take care of their needs for you!

They will be able enjoy all that life has in store for them without having any stress or anxiety over what needs done next. It’s our mission that every senior lives an active lifestyle full of fun and excitement! Plus we provide transportation services like shuttling seniors around town or even taking them out for an afternoon at the spa. There isn’t much we won’t do if it means making our clients’ lives easier!

Contact us today about how HVCS can help improve your senior living experience by contacting our Sales Manager, Michael Kuzy at 1-484-788-4334 for details.