Micah Bennett – For The Record

Micah Bennett, CEO of Hudson Valley Concierge Service was recently highlighted by Marist College in their For The Record series. As an alumnus of Marist College, Micah had the opportunity to share his story of how his career started within the hospitality business.

“From the time a guest gets out of their car and walks through those double doors, you have 30 seconds to change that person’s day, give them the best experience, and put a smile on their face.”


Photo: Marist College – For the Record

SASHA TUDDENHAM tells the story of how it all began. Read more about his journey as a highlighted alumnus of Marist College here: https://maristftr.com/micah-bennett

For The Record is an initiative that was established in 2016 by Marist College’s student newspaper the Marist Circle. The idea of the initiative was introduced by then Editor in Chief Bernadette Hogan ’17 and Creative Director, Goodman Lepota ‘18. The initiative was created to highlight inspiring stories of students from Marist College. It was presented in three different ways; through photography displayed at a gallery exhibition, an web-online version, and weekly magazines. It featured 74 student’s stories. The success of the initiative came from attracting more than 400 gallery visitors. This included having more than 40,000 unique visitors on the website and engaged up to 3000 student newsletter subscribers.