How this Minority Owned Concierge Business is Changing the Personal Service Landscape

Micah Bennett – Owner of Hudson Valley Concierge Service

In a world where time has become a commodity for the modern busy lives we lead, one company has risen to the challenge to provide a level of service that is second to none. From medical and airport transportation, courier and delivery services to personal shopping, Hudson Valley Concierge Services has become the authority in simplifying your life.

We had a chance to meet with the owner and CEO, Micah Bennett to get a glimpse into how HV Concierge started, his views around entrepreneurship and his personal philosophy on building a minority owned business in today’s competitive landscape.

Micah, how would you describe HV Concierge to a potential client?

“HV Concierge provides three services: Transportation, Delivery and Personal Services. Our Premise is to give our client their time back being in 2 places at 1 time. We can pick up your groceries, wait on line for a new item release as well provide medical and airport transportation.”

“I always had a passion for helping others and starting my own business watching and working with my parents. My parents always said if you want it, go work for it. Even though I came from a well to do family. The point was you needed to earn your keep.  I started shoveling snow, walking seniors or neighbors’ pets, cutting grass, washing neighbors’ cars. I noticed that I had a gift to generate and run a business on a small scale, so I was confident that I could start one, one day. “

It is said that it takes a defining moment that spurs individuals into action, what was yours?

“In 2012, I graduated from Marist college, and I wanted to grow throughout the company of Marriott, but I didn’t want to relocate away from my family again.  I just got back from being in Binghamton for 3 years attending Broome Community College and I didn’t want to be away and there was no room for me to advance my career here locally. I was willing to work at McDonalds and work up the ladder, but they turn me down. Can you believe it McDonalds turned me down a Marist Graduate?” Micha laughs, “ I was offered a job for Ross Stores right after I graduated from Marist I turned a 50K job down in NYC. I didn’t want to miss out on life from just traveling.”

I said you know what, I’m going to make something happen for myself and I think the time is now to create my own opportunity.


Every entrepreneur has a moment that stands out. Micah’s moment came after connecting his innate skills with opportunity by helping others in his community with miscellaneous tasks. “I didn’t even know the whole time I was doing concierge work. Literally clients made a request and I got it done. That was my “Ahh Ha moment” and Hudson Valley Concierge Service was born.”

Micah started out with personal services and delivery/courier clients. In 2015 Micah added Hudson Valley Concierge Service Transportation.  “Clients loved that they could now get driven to the store or somewhere local without riding in a taxicab with it smelling like smoke, driving with poor driving experience, drug habits, etc. What we provide is peace of mind and assurance that you are safe and going to have a world class experience.”

As a business owner, how would you describe your management and leadership style?

“I would describe my management and leadership style with these 3 styles – Laissez-faire, Charismatic, and a Pacesetting. I have a hands-off approach; I do not like to micromanage unless I have too. But I like to have team members that are free thinkers and include me when the time is needed. Pick up the task and go. We know the vision, the plan, the goal. I lead with love, charm, build relationships amongst my team, listen, and learn their internal goals and external goals so we all achieve together. I expect my team to continuously to be working in the sense building the brand. Even though I have high benchmarks for our team to attain.”

“Our team works in a cohesive manner to streamline and work efficiently and effectively.”

The word “entrepreneurship” gets thrown around a lot these days, how does that apply to you in 2021? 

“I define it as one who decides to think outside the box, knows they’re about to take a road of risk and adventure. The journey is both rewarding and a great life lesson. Achieving money is not one desire but seeing the development of their vision coming to life. The greatest gift is when your vision impacts and changes the lives of others!”

“You have to have the right mindset that you’re going to fight through every day and you’re going to make this business work!”


What would you say to other minorities if they are considering starting their own business?

“Dive in jump in. On my very first day of sharing my business to the world I was faced with racism. Today by God’s grace I am here to stay. If I can do it so can you. It doesn’t matter if your black, purple, green, India, Spanish, White, Arabic, race should never determine or predict what you can or will do. “

Micah continues, “Be committed, be consistent, be true, love yourself, love your family, love your friends, treat people with respect and if someone is in need help them; food, clothes, talk, etc. and If you put God first, all will fall into place.  In the bible God says “Ears have not heard, eyes have not seen, mind has not imagined what I have in store for you”. With that being said, if you have a talent and a skills that people can use do not waste time, step into your spotlight and create what you want. God is there to guide you so START Working!”

What advice would you give other minority owned businesses as they navigate the current business landscape in 2021?

“Research, plan, and implement. Ask questions there are a lot of resources out there. This pandemic has shown us that we need to be flexible and learn how to adapt. If you learn anything listen to your customers, focus on the ones you serve already. And just give them a call and find out what ways they could use your service or product get feedback.  If you don’t have to create new client and you can resell or remarket to a current client that’s a win. They will also tell their friends and you will solidify a quality base of support – Quality vs Quantity.”

Do you have any mentors and if so, how do they help you grow Hudson Valley Concierge Service?

“I have many mentors more specific my parents and L’Quette Taylor (more like we mentor each other),  Ramon Pinero and Dave Astiant. My business has increased multiple ways but the most impact that I really enjoyed and loved was seeing the human factor, the connection of my company with the community during the Covid Pandemic. Stepping up partnering with other business, non-for-profits feeding the -homeless, sick , shut in, front line workers. HVCS was truly able to step in the light and connect on a micro level with our community because of L’Quettes organization, Community Matters 2.”

Micah attributes many things to his success; His parents, wife, kids, staff, church, family, and God. The overarching theme for is having people believe in him and leaning on a great support system. Micah smiles “I was instilled with a solid foundation from early age, manners, respect, work ethic, love, helping others and emphasis on family.”

Looking back, is there anything that you would do differently in your career?

“Honestly no I am grateful for the course and the journey I am on. It literally was a reason and only God knows. I am simply happy now that instead of being resistant to go after my goals I’m happy that I am now following my dreams.”