Happy Holidays from HVCS!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Suddenly, all your family members remember how great of a turkey you made last year, how succulent that honey ham was, or how tasty those rolls were in the homemade cranberry sauce. It is time to plan the family holiday party. Now, you are honored! There is no question that you know your cooking is the best in the family, but when your kids want you to play outside in the leaves while you are slaving away at the stove, there are some things you realize that are more important. We LOVE to help you plan/prepare/host those holiday parties and want you to enjoy the holidays for that they truly are: a time to spend with your family. And even if cooking is your favorite part, let us do a grocery run! We know how crazy some people can get during the holiday season, so let us take the stress off. And from our HVCS family to yours, Happy Holidays!