Timely, professional, pleasant

May 28, 2020

I have used HVC three times now. They take me from Orange County, NY to the airport. Unfortunately, during one trip (2017) I was in the Bahamas and stuck due to a hurricane. I was able to contact them to say I can’t be picked up as my flight was cancelled. Turns out I was taken on a US Govt plane and had to rent a car from our drop off in Washington DC. When I finally got service again, I had two messages from HVC (my original driver) and Micha saying they were worried about me, hoped I was ok. That was SO nice, AND, he gave me the one way ride back the next time I flew. The drive is smooth and the drivers knowledgeable and professional. Worth the money!

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Moving my Daughter and Grand-dog to LA

My daughter received an incredible job offer in California and had to move quickly–two days after Christmas. She had a limited budget, but since she was going out alone, she wanted her large dog to travel with her, or arrive as soon as possible afterward. Micah from HV Concierge Services helped us to examine all possible options before making our final plans. Then he arranged 3am transport for my daughter, myself, and the dog (in a very large transport crate) to Newark Airport. We received a confirmation call the day prior and on the day of, Micah brought custom coffee to enjoy during the drive and then helped us to check the dog into pet transport get our six large bags checked as well. Thanks to Micah and the entire team, my daughter, grand-dog, and way too much over-stuffed luggage made it to LAX just fine. Excellent service! We will definitely be calling HV Concierge again!

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A True Lifesaver!

Moving from one city to another is not easy, but when your move ends up happening while you are working out of the country it becomes a nightmare. Without the team at Hudson Valley Concierge Service my move would not have happened. Micah met the movers, made sure everything was accounted for and put into the rooms as requested – he sent photos to let me know what was happening and even went back on the second day so a service could unpack the crates. Heidi and Micah were both responsive and friendly. Such an amazing service!

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The best ride anywhere

May 18, 2015

The best ride anywhere and professional top shelf service is the goal of this growing company…Micah has delivered precious cargo to their destination…I highly recommend Hudson Valley Concierge Services!

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Awesome service

April 11, 2015

Awesome service and wonderful people who care about the community! What more could you ask for ?

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Great service!!

February 2, 2015

HV Concierge came through at the last minute even in a snow storm! Definitely recommend ?

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A big thank you to HVCS

May 4, 2014

Just wanted to give a big thank you to HVCS for really coming through on my wedding day. On the biggest day of my life, April 17, 2015, I married the love of my life and HVCS really helped alleviate a lot of those unanticipated wedding day surprises almost every bride can experience!! HVCS provided reliable, professional and exemplary service. From taking care of my out of town guests to delivering last minute details!!! HVCS was available and ready to help at a moments notice! Thank you HVCS for everything and letting me enjoy every single minute of my day as every bride should!!

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Personal Assistants are Your Friend

October 22, 2013

There are moments within everyone’s day when we realize we aren’t mean to juggle so many tasks at once, or when we are reminded how much we detest certain tasks. From a busy Mom who just wants to watch their kids soccer game instead of cook dinner, to a small business owner who would rather handle the big projects instead the day-to-day office tasks, we need a little help in our lives.

That is why here at HVCS we believe in being your personal assistant, because there is no greater feeling than giving happiness to others through our services. John Lennon once said, “Life happens when you are too busy making plans.” It is so true! If we continue to let our plans take over our lives, and not let others help, even in small ways, we can really miss some big moments. So, remember, while personal assistants are your friends, HVCS would like to be your best friend.

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Happy Holidays from HVCS!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Suddenly, all your family members remember how great of a turkey you made last year, how succulent that honey ham was, or how tasty those rolls were in the homemade cranberry sauce. It is time to plan the family holiday party. Now, you are honored! There is no question that you know your cooking is the best in the family, but when your kids want you to play outside in the leaves while you are slaving away at the stove, there are some things you realize that are more important. We LOVE to help you plan/prepare/host those holiday parties and want you to enjoy the holidays for that they truly are: a time to spend with your family. And even if cooking is your favorite part, let us do a grocery run! We know how crazy some people can get during the holiday season, so let us take the stress off. And from our HVCS family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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Extremely Pleased

September 5, 2013

I received grocery shopping service and was extremely pleased with Micah’s attention to detail and determination to find everything on my complicated list. Micah epitomizes the true meaning of concierge. I highly recommend utilizing his services.

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