Concierge services revolutionize relationship building with employees and customers, driving behaviors that increase satisfaction, happiness

May 15, 2014

Employees may be working harder, but they aren’t always working smarter.

In fact, growing demands and increasing workloads are leading to overworked employees. Tired, stressed, overworked employees negatively affect customer experiences and have the potential to harm the business.

With the Internet, social networking, smart phones, laptop computers, and other mobile devices, employees are clocking more hours than ever before and often are checking and responding to email and managing work-related tasks in the evenings and on weekends.

But, while employees are working more, they are not necessarily achieving more.

Today’s employee’s are connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and that connectivity is earning more resentment than gratitude from the employees who are affected. Job and career requirements and responsibilities are intruding on personal time more than ever and employees have had enough.

Studies have shown that approximately 40 percent of United States workers consider themselves to be overworked. In fact, 12 to 18 percent feel unable to use their vacation time because of their workload, and that is having a negative impact on the companies who employ them and the customers who interact with them.

The key to revolutionizing relationships between employers and employees is to recognize the connection between, employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, and higher profits. Partnering with a concierge service, like Hudson Valley Concierge Service in Highland, New York is the perfect solution to reduce employee stress, increase productivity, and give them back their time off.

“Typically employees spend about 20 percent of their time at work handling personal responsibilities. But with a Hudson Valley Concierge Service on-site professional, employees can focus on their job because we help take care of their personal responsibilities,” says Hudson Valley concierge Service owner Micah Bennett. “From errand services and personal shopping, to travel arrangements and reservations, to elder care assistance, we make employees’ lives easier by completing their personal to-do list for them.”

Achieving a balance between their work life and their personal life is the ultimate goal for today’s employees. More and more, it is the company that respects personal boundaries that acquires, attracts, and retains the best talent, over the company that offers the highest salary.

When it comes to their job, employees consider one thing more important more valuable than money, and that is time.

Partnering with a concierge shows employees that their time and contribution is valued and respected. It shows them the company cares about their family, their health, and their peace of mind. Providing employees with an on-site business concierge service is a benefit that will have an undeniably positive effect on a company’s brand, reputation, culture, and loyalty, which will in turn, positively affect the customer experience and ultimately, the bottom line.

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Corporate concierge services benefit the employer and the employee

Typically, when people think of concierge services, they think of high-end, luxury hotels. But in today’s highly-competitive labor market, businesses and corporations are adding concierge services to their employee benefits package to recruit and retain top talent, build morale, and increase productivity.

With the constant connectivity provided by smart phones, net books, and mobile internet, the line between personal lives and professional lives is becoming more blurred, and with that employees are sacrificing the most valuable thing they have to give – time.

But, the problem with employees spending more time in the office working is that they have less time available to take care of themselves and to take care of their personal errands and tasks.

While employers would like nothing more than to have their employees glued to their desks, focused on being productive, and working 100 percent of the time they are at work, it just isn’t always practical. Employees often are distracted by personal needs like filling a prescription, scheduling an oil change, or grocery shopping for an elder family member.

Fortunately for employers, concierge services like Hudson Valley Concierge, headquartered in Highland, New York offer corporate concierge programs to assist employees with their personal tasks so they can focus on work at work. Corporate concierge services are especially valuable for companies that bill by the hour, such as lawyers, accountants, architects, and other consultants – where time actually is money.

Here are just some of the corporate concierge services offered by Hudson Valley Concierge Service:

Personal Assistant Services
Errand running, picking up/dropping off prescriptions or dry cleaning, grocery shopping, reservations, personal shopping, travel arrangements, information research, appointment scheduling, car and home maintenance appointment coordination, elder care coordination, gift wrapping, etc.

Business Support Services
Basic administrative services, seminar and event planning, employee reward and recognition program management, office organization, courier services, proofing and editing, vendor referrals/liaison services, travel arrangements, client care program coordination, etc.

A successful workplace concierge helps keep employees’ errands and households in order Monday through Friday without taking them away from their desks and their clients. That means, a concierge service will not only help attract, acquire and retain top talent, but it will also lead to increased employee satisfaction, improved efficiency and productivity, and fierce loyalty in a competitive market.

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